Bistro Fresh is a remarkable assembly of culinary artists, education experts, passionate farmers, seasoned dieticians, kid lovers, foodies and business gurus.  The commonality amongst the Bistro Fresh team is what we call the awareness factor. Being aware of the tremendous impact a healthy lifestyle supported by nutritious foods can have on our quality of life.  So join our awareness team – here’s how!

Online Access – Bistro Fresh nutritional information is available to you 24/7, along with on-campus venue and menu information.  It’s easy to decide where to eat, what to eat and how to track “the good stuff” (and maybe the bad stuff!) with online menus and associated nutritional data.

Culinary and Nutrition Education – When you join up with Bistro Fresh, you become empowered to make healthy food choices.  You know where your foods are coming from and how they make it to your plate.  You might chat with a dairy farmer or dig in the dirt – we’re growing a lot of our own produce, or check the Events calendar online.  Pretty cool thing to do with friends.

Campus Events – isn’t everything better when food is being served?  Bistro Fresh helps to “Break It Up” with opportunities to hang out, jump in and have fun.  All bolstered by great meals and snacks.  Love it.

Campus Garden – We aren’t kidding about digging in the dirt!  The Bistro Fresh Campus Garden invites students to plan, plant and nurture a garden full of fresh herbs and produce that go directly into their foods.  Talk about locally sourced.

Composting – On site composting in conjunction with the campus garden.  Everything matters with Bistro Fresh.